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The Jerusalem Balsam was first made by Father Antonio Menzani di Cuna (1650-1729), a monk in the monastery of the Franciscan convent in the old city of Jerusalem. Father Antonio, the convent's doctor and pharmacist was looking for the ultimate plants assemble for 24 years. Only by mistake he has discovered the 
Jerusalem Balsam.

In this website you will find only one product, but an amazing one.
The Jerusalem Balsam is a multi-use,
very effective herbal remedy. If you
have a cold, the flu or other common illness, the Jerusalem Balsam will help your body defeat it. If you are dealing
with skin problems the Jerusalem
Balsam is a healthy natural cure for
your problem.
If you are often sick, feeling constantly tired (especially in winter) or suffering from a chronic disease, the Jerusalem Balsam will strengthen your immune system and make you feel better.
The Jerusalem Balsam was a well known and accepted herbal remedy used for nearly 200 years in Europe  and in the Far East. Throughout its golden era the Balsam was considered a  miracle cure. It was used both externally (for wounds) and internally, by swallowing (for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, abdominal pain, intestine worm, hemorrhoids, headache, dizziness, ear and teeth pain and more).
The "Ran Botanicals" company is the sole producer in modern times of the ancient herbal formula "The Genuine Jerusalem Balsam".

  • Contains four plants: Olibanum (Boswellia spp.), Myrrh (Commiphora spp.), Aloe (Aloe sp.) and Mastic (Pistacia lentiscus L.).
  • Formulated in 1719 in the pharmacy of the SaintSavior monastery in the old city of Jerusalem.
  • It showed anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-oxidative, and anti-septic properties
After I have discovered this amazing quality of the Jerusalem Balsam I carry it every day in my bag and use it often. 
Adam Shavit.